Irene Akoth Ogal

Dental Surgery Assistant

Our proven experience enables us to prepare patients for treatment by talking them through the procedure in a calm and gentle manner. Irene monitors patient vital statistics and intravenous fluids during surgery and notifies the surgeon about an issue as soon as it occurs - promptly.

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Irene Akoth Okal is our Dental Surgery Assistant. She is an experienced and innovative oral surgery assistant at Kisumu Dental Center. With her skills, Irene provides quality care to patients, with a focus on developing lasting, trusted relationships between patients and Kisumu Dental Center staff.

As an Oral Surgery Assistant, she assists with pre-surgical care and education, vital tasks during surgeries, and post-surgical care. During surgeries, she provides chairside assistance to the surgeon, and sterilize and store instruments after use besides performing other clerical tasks as required at our center.

Duties and Responsibilities

Irene provides high-quality dental nursing whilst assisting each dentist, hygienist and therapist in all dental procedures in a safe and effective manner. Her prior dental assisting experience has provided her with strong communications skills and a calm demeanour in stressful situations. This has enabled her to establish and maintain friendly, productive working relationships with all members of the dental team.

As a Patient or Surgeon, you need not worry because Irene:-

  • Greet patients, ensure they are comfortable and perform pre-surgical preparations
  • Assist the oral surgeon during surgery, providing suction, monitoring instruments, and swapping tools as necessary
  • Provide post-operative instruction to patients regarding healing and care
  • Operate x-ray equipment
  • Disinfect, sterilize, and store equipment after use

As you leave the Center, you will actually testify for our quality service delivery.

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  • Excellent organizational skills. ...
  • Detail-oriented personality. ...
  • Ability to manage multiple things at once. ...
  • Good dexterity skills. ...
  • Professional demeanour
  • Strong communication skills. ...
  • Great listening abilities. ...
  • Compassionate attitude
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