Evelyne A Japheth

Customer Care Manager

Evelyne knows that “the customer’s always right”. To this end, she always does her best to level with each patient. YOUR SMILE IS OUR PRIDE

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Evelyne Japheth has vast experience in the customer care field and she has undertaken refresher courses to hone her skills in this profession. Evelyne has gained invaluable experience in this arena and her interactions with patients are lauded by their feedback. Being proactive, Evelyne is organised and efficient in her work and she enjoys providing help and support to people calling into the business.

Every customer is unique and every support situation is different. In order to handle surprises, sense a customer’s mood, address new challenges accordingly, we have to be willing to keep learning. Strive to have a deep understanding of our customer’s challenges and continue to search for better ways to address them. Here is where Evelyne comes in, she is self-motivated, diligent and capable of working under pressure.

Evelyne uses positive language, stays cheerful no matter what, and never end a conversation without confirming the customer understands and is satisfied. She stays informed enough to respond to questions or at least knows where to turn if the questions become too technical for her to answer.

You know the old saying “the customer’s always right”. There’s truth to that. Evelyne is always doing her best to level with each patient. She has the ability to swallow her pride and accept blame or negative feedback…or handle unreasonable customers in an empathic way. No matter what, our customer’s happiness is our primary goal.

Duties and Responsibilities

Evelyne does her best to identify common ground and shared interests with the patients she helps. By humanizing the patient-staff relationship she makes resolving conflict easier. The other good thing about Evelyne is that she is an active listener, an excellent communicator and makes sure the customer feels heard. She makes sure patients know she understands them by clarifying and rephrasing what they say. The key is to empathize with them and reflect their feelings by saying things like, “I’m sorry, I can see why that is upsetting” or “That is a problem and I understand what you’re saying”. Her daily routines are to: –

  • Answer phone calls and distribute calls and messages accordingly
  • Schedule appointments and maintain appointments in the system
  • Confirm appointments
  • Follow up on cancellations and no shows
  • Greet and register patients
  • Assist patients in completing information forms
  • Inform the patients about the practice, charges, policies and procedures
  • Verify patient dental insurance benefits
  • Manage patient records in a dental database in accordance with privacy regulations
  • Collect and process payments from clients
  • Issue receipts
  • Prepare accurate and complete claim forms for dental insurance
  • Maintain a professional and neat reception area.


  • Patient
  • Active Listener
  • Great Communication Skills
  • Honest
  • Uses Positive Language
  • An Expert in Our Products
  • Time-conscious
  • Goal-Oriented

We make sure that our customer is satisfied before the conversation ends. Before we end the conversation, we ask customers directly if they are satisfied and make sure they are on the right path with the solutions we have offered.

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Your Smile is Our Pride

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