Brenda Kadesa

Front Office Manager

Kadesa Brenda maintains a smooth workflow between our dentists, assistants, and patients efficiently and effectively.

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Brenda Kadesa is our Front Office Manager. With her vast experience, Brenda supports and assists our dental team to attain a sustainable and convenient work routine.

Our Front Office manager mission statement

1. To help create an efficient and profitable practise that is well known in the community for excellent service to its patients.
2. To help create a harmonious work environment.
3. To ensure that quality patient care guides all decision-making.

Brenda is a self-directed and independent worker who has taken the initiative to learn as much as possible about the management of the front office in the dentistry profession. She has come up with a number of processes to manage her daily, weekly and monthly tasks to meet the demands of a fast-paced work environment.

Brenda enjoys interacting with a variety of patients and takes pride in being the front office manager at Kisumu Dental Center. Her strong communication skills, outgoing and energetic personality ensures first-rate customer service to the patients.


  • Excellent computer skills for email correspondence, financial transactions and scheduling of appointments
  • Efficient multi-tasking and organizational skills
  • Maturity, tact, integrity and respect for patient confidentiality
  • Strong leadership, communication and motivation skills as well as the ability to supervise others

Our Front Office Manager has come up with a checklist for review by the Lead Dental Surgeon and includes the following: –

  1. Communicates well with patients.
  2. Communicates well with the dentist and staff
  3. Competently runs the morning huddles.
  4. Manages to schedule patients appointments promptly.
  5. Works closely with the assistants to encourage all patients to complete their treatment plans.
  6. Contributes to an upbeat and harmonious dental practice through his or her actions and attitude toward patients, staff, and doctors.
  7. Has a proven ability to handle upset patients.
  8. Has proven ability to get insurance companies to pay promptly.
  9. Ensures accounts receivable is very low.
  10. Provides the owner with an up-to-date summary of the bills each month.
  11. Stays on top of expenses and helps maintain an excellent profit for the practice.
  12. Ensures the work environment is safe, clean and conducive for all visitors.
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