Dental Fillings

Once a tooth develops decay that penetrates beyond the outer layer of the tooth called enamel or if a tooth is broken or has surface wear and tear, it usually needs to be restored by filling it. This is usually done by removing the diseased portion of the tooth, preparing the remaining part appropriately before patching it up using one or more of the following tooth filling materials – metal alloys, glass ionomer cement, resin composites or other types of cement. Read More

Before filling cavities, our dentist numbs your teeth, gums and surrounding skin to avoid and lessen discomfort during the procedure. Next, we shall drill out the decay in the tooth and replace it with a filling. This process only takes a few minutes.

Dental Implant

Dental implants are effective to smile.

Dental Care

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Dental Filling

The first step in the dental filling procedure is to examine the teeth in order to decide upon the best course of action for the patient.

Dental Family Plan

Give your teeth a few minutes of attention every day and you can keep them for a lifetime.

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