Vol. 2: 3rd June 2014.

A Note from Dr Edward Odoyo

One of the commonest human diseases is gum disease. It presents as a continuum of inflammatory disease processes affecting the gums and the tissues that attach the teeth to the jawbones – periodontium and the alveolar bone – that anchors the teeth.

The symptoms include painful teeth or gums, swelling of the gums, reddening of the gums, bleeding from the gums, bad breath, loose teeth, food impaction between the teeth, exudation of pus or fluids from the gums, itchy gums, elongation of teeth, appearance of spaces between teeth where none previously existed and deposits or discolouration of the teeth along the gum lines.

Many patients are left at the mercy of quacks, as they cannot access the few dental facilities in the country, either due to geographical or economic barriers. The alternatives they seek, leave them exposed to hazards like cross-infection due to substandard sterilization procedures, injuries and complications due to incompetent operators and prolonged morbidity due to insufficient or inappropriate treatment. Needless to mention, they often end up losing their teeth unnecessarily.

A modern dental clinic should have adequately trained and licensed staff comprising of dentists, dental surgery assistants and other administrative/ supporting staff. The second pillar is adequate and appropriate equipment and instruments. Finally, you need sufficient supplies of materials and consumables to work with. Service with a smile is that extra ingredient needed to ensure you smile as you leave your dentist’s office.

About Dr Edward Odoyo

Dr Odoyo works with people who have an interest in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. He also works with hospitals seeking high-quality dental services for their clients and corporate organizations seeking reliable, cost-effective and timely dental services for their employees and their families or clients.

He helps them to prevent most dental and oral diseases, treat diseased tissues and restore or rehabilitate lost tissues e.g. teeth, while saving them valuable time and money.

By working with Dr Odoyo, you can expect to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile and optimally functional teeth.

Dr Odoyo E O is currently following up an 8-year-old child patient who had delayed eruption of the upper front tooth. He established that this was due to 4 odontomas obstructing the permanent central incisor. He has since conducted a surgical operation to remove the odontomas and is monitoring the healing of the bone around the surgical site before evaluating the best way forward to align the decayed tooth.

How it Works
  • Better Care For Complex Conditions
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus
  • Routine and medical care and travel
  • Excellence in Healthcare
  • Building a healthy medical environment

Dr Odoyo recently worked with the Aga Khan Hospital, Kisumu as The Dental Surgeon In-charge where he helped set up and run a world-class dental service that is now rapidly expanding into western Kenya.

23 May, 2022

Tooth Extraction

To book a consultation with Dr Edward Odoyo Executive Director Principal Dental Surgeon at Kisumu Dental Centre follow the link below https://ponea.com/products/dentist-xa... On this episode of Ponea TV, we are… Read More

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